Quilt Hangers

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Decorating a house in the classic country style can leave many people feeling baffled. There is a delicate balance that must be found between tasteful knick-knacks and useless clutter. Furniture can be mismatched, but must tie together somehow, and the whole affect must come across as comfortable, yet pristine.

Great Uses for Quilt Hangers

One of the most important parts of decorating is deciding what should cover the walls. Wallpaper can make a room look smaller and paint can often seem boring. Many country homes, particularly ones with tall ceilings and large rooms, decorate using quilts hung with quilt hangers.

Whether antique or recently created, quilts make beautiful additions to any home. Their rich colors and patterns blend with almost any room, from the kitchen to the family room to the home office. Whatever style of quilt you prefer, one of the most important parts of a display is making sure that the quilt hangers are discreet and do not take your eyes away from the focal point.

Hangers can be made of wood, steel or plastic, depending upon your preference. If you are hanging an antique quilt or another type of quilt that you do not want to risk harming, there are certain quilt hangers that simply clamp the quilt between two pieces of wood. The end result is a lovingly protected quilt, charmingly displayed in your home.

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