Quilt Kits

Written by Rebecca Russell
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There are many companies in this country that create do-it-yourself kits for various kinds of art and crafts projects. These kits often include all of the elements needed for a specific project, whether for knitting, needlepoint or painting with watercolors. While some may scoff at the idea of a pre-made craft kit, for many people they are the perfect introduction to a new hobby.

Quilt Kits for Beginners

Quilting, for instance, can be a difficult pastime to pick up. It requires knowledge of certain stitches, large amounts of material, and the time to plan or design a pattern. This can be incredibly costly and time consuming and may be off-putting to a beginner who simply wants to learn the basics. A quilt kit is the perfect solution to this situation.

In many ways, a quilt kit is the same preparation that a mother would do for her young child before teaching a certain skill. When my mother taught me how to bake, she pre-measured all of the ingredients before we mixed them together. Once I was comfortable with certain basics, she proceeded to teach me about tablespoons and half-cups and oven heat. In this day and age of adults hoping to teach themselves new crafts, the do-it-yourself kit is simply a substitution for what they were not able to learn from their parents

Quilt kits generally come with pre-cut fabric squares and easy instructions. There are typically one or two variations on a design that you can choose for your quilt. Along with the fabric and the pattern, a quilt kit will most likely include some needles, thread and helpful sewing tips for novices. These elements will allow beginners to become comfortable with piecework and with stitching, the main skills of quilting, without having to worry about all of the details involved in preparation. Pre-made quilt kits are generally sold in craft stores. Additionally, performing a quick search on the Internet will lead you to some online venues that also sell quilt kits.

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