Quilt Labels

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Creating a handmade quilt takes a great deal of time and care. The careful pattern planning, the piecework, and the quilting can takes days, months, and sometimes even years, if life gets in the way. With all the energy and loving toil that goes into the final product, consider finishing your quilt with a label that reminds you of the reason you set out to create it.

If your quilt is a gift, a label is a wonderful way to commemorate the occasion, whether it is a holiday gift, a wedding gift or a baby gift. The label should include your name, the date or occasion on which the quilt was presented, the recipient's name and perhaps a small saying or blessing. These personal touches enable your friends and loved ones to look back and remember the love and care that you put into their gift.

A label is also a good way to identify your work, particularly if you are creating quilts to be sold at craft fares or galleries. These labels are very important in securing that no other person takes your work and claims it as their own. Consider adding your label before you start the quilting process so that it becomes a permanent part of the finished piece.

Creating a Quilt Label

Labels can be created in a variety of ways. A simple label can be created with a permanent fabric marker. Be sure before you include it that the ink will withstand any number of washings. More intricate designs can be created using embroidery floss and the cross-stitch technique. Remember that a label design is as personal as a quilt design so create in whatever style pleases you the most.

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