Quilt Making

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Last month, I attended a stunningly beautiful wedding. It was one of ten that I will be attending in the year 2005. I love a good wedding, but lately, it seems as though every single friend or loved one has decided to tie the knot, all at the same time. I have begun to experiment with gift ideas--registry items can often be expensive and gifts from the heart are often much more fun to give.

An avid knitter, I toyed with the idea of knitting afghans for each of my wedded friends. However, purchasing that much yarn would cost almost as much as a registry gift and the amount of time it would take to create them was more than I had to spend. My eyes wandered over to my sewing machine and I suddenly had an idea--I would make rag quilts.

How to Make a Rag Quilt

A rag quilt is made from a rather simple pattern and does not require fancy quilting. It can easily be done with any sewing machine and the cost for materials can be rather low, particularly if you work with fabric you may already have in your home. The softest rag quilts are made of flannel or another fuzzy material such as polar fleece.

Even squares are cut and two squares are placed together with batting or some other insulation in the center. Two simple rows are then sewn diagonally across the square to form an "X." Finished squares are pieced together into a large quilt, leaving the seams unfinished. The quilt is then washed and dried in a household dryer, the unfinished seams fray into soft edges, and the final result will be a cozy, winter companion and lovely wedding gift.

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