Quilt Pictures

Written by Rebecca Russell
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These days, an Internet picture is often worth a thousand words. With the invention of the digital camera, photos are being exchanged through DSL lines and modems with astonishing speed. Whether you have tried online dating or are a whiz at EBay, chances are you have uploaded or downloaded more than one photo in the past month or two.

The prevalence of digital photos has allowed small businesses to set up online stores and expand their customer database by large degrees. This is especially helpful for those who are active in the world of arts and crafts. In addition to craft shows and any local stores, individuals can now sell their handmade crafts online to a wide variety of interested consumers.

Purchasing Quilts Online

For the quilt maker, the online store is a wonderful development. Quilts are often rather large, and though they can be easily folded, it can sometimes be difficult to transport and display them at craft shows across the country. In years past, however, unless there was a local store willing to sell a few items, craft shows were some of the only ways for quilt makers to sell their pieces. Now, quilts can be on sale 24 hours a day, which can certainly increase revenue.

For those looking to purchase quilts online, it is a good idea to establish some email correspondence with the seller. While pictures can show the color scheme and pattern of a piece, it is rather difficult to get an up close view of the quality of the quilting. Even if there is a magnified snapshot of the quilt, it is very possible that there are mistakes or shoddy handiwork in other sections of the piece. Therefore, it is important that you trust the individual you intend to buy from, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase when it arrives.

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