Quilt Racks

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Growing up in New England, I was surrounded by quilt owners and quilt creators. What I remember best is that there always seemed to be a different kind of quilt for each different occasion and purpose. One might think that the sole use for a quilt is to keep out the winter chill. In fact, quilts are used for decoration almost more often than they are used for bedspreads.

The Many Uses of a Quilt

The common practice in a home decorated in the country style is to have a pristine and well-made quilt on each bed in the house. In the evening, quilts are taken off of the beds, neatly folded and hung on quilt racks, which are sitting nearby expressly for this purpose. The quilt goes from bed covering to decoration in less than a minute and is never or rarely used for extra warmth.

Practical Uses for a Quilt Rack

Quilt racks are wonderfully useful pieces of furniture. Aside from holding quilts, racks can display decorative tapestries, or more practically, they can be an extra place to hang delicate laundry as it dries. Additionally, many are made with intricate detail and can look lovely with nothing draped upon them, as a decoration in any room of the house.

While quilt racks are in abundance in certain areas of the country, there are other places where they may be hard to find. Larger cities, in general, are likely not the best locations for quality quilt racks. Fortunately, if you live in an urban area and find yourself in need of a quilt rack, you will undoubtedly find some quality manufacturers on the Internet.

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