Quilt Rags

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Some of the most beautiful quilts created are made out of small, mismatched pieces of cloth. These quilt rags, as they are commonly called, are a wonderful way to use any fabric you may have lying around the house. Whether quilting is a long time hobby or a newly discovered pastime, spring cleaning is the best time to take stock of what material you may have and begin planning for your patchwork masterpiece.

Quilts--From Rags to Riches

Almost any type of fabric can be made into a quilt rag. Some of the best rags are made from old clothing. The vast majority of people, particularly women, have at least one pile or shopping bag full of clothing that they never wear. Often, these clothes are outdated, do not fit us or have an irreparable stain or tear.

Amazingly, while we will never again wear them, many people have a difficult time parting with old clothes. Perhaps we want to remember the dance that we attended in that silk shirt or we keep a pair of pants worn the first time we met our future spouse. Turning these memories into quilt pieces will allow you to keep the memories and create something useful.

For those embarking on a patchwork project, a recommended purchase might be a quilting supplies organizer. Organizers are available to keep all of your quilting supplies and quilt rags in one neat and tidy place. For those who love craft projects but dislike clutter, the organizer is the perfect solution.

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