Quilt Shops

Written by Rebecca Russell
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If you have ever passed through a small, rural town, particularly in the Northeast, chances are you have passed more than one quaint country store. Designed to look like throwbacks to a simpler time, these shops are set up for tourists and typically sell local crafts, hard candy and other sundry items. If country style decorations are of interest, you may want to check out one or two of these stores the next time you travel.

Where to Find Quilt Shops

Country stores are particularly exciting for those who collect quilts. There are often a variety of quilts available in these shops, generally made by local designers. Hidden treasures are often found in the most remote places, so it is almost always worth a stop.

When you enter one of these small local shops, be sure to spend some time speaking with the shop owner. They are very often quite knowledgeable about the history involved in many of the quilts in their store. They may tell you the story of the designer and his or her family or you may simply get a good lesson in the history of the town. Whatever the case, you will almost always wind up with a little piece of Americana.

Quilt Shops Online

While the ambiance may not be the same, there are also a lot of quilt shops that have set up websites. Quilts can be purchased online and shipped to almost anywhere in the country. As always, when shopping online, beware of dishonest merchants. Always establish email correspondence with the online store owner and ask all of your questions about the quilt prior to purchase. This will give you peace of mind and delight upon receiving your new quilt.

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