Quilting For Beginners

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Last winter, I got together with four of my closest friends to create our first quilt. One of our acquaintances had lost most of his possessions in a devastating house fire and we wanted to give him something for comfort. We spent an entire day together cutting squares, pinning fabric, taking turns at the sewing machine, and ultimately enjoying each other's company. The experience left me with a wonderful memory and the final result, while slightly crooked, was made with a lot of heart.

First-Time Quilting

When faced with the challenge of starting a new hobby, particularly quilting, sometimes it helps to learn with friends. Aside from making the tedious parts go by more quickly, working with friends can also speed up the trial and error process. For instance, one person may discover a trick to cutting fabric in a straight line and share it with the others. Another may be a whiz at calculating just how many squares can come from one piece of fabric.

If quilting is something that none of your friends choose to discover with you, consider purchasing a ready-made quilting kit for your first endeavor. Quilting kits include everything necessary for your first quilting project, including needles, thread, fabric and detailed instructions. Often, the kit will include pre-cut squares of fabric, which will save you a lot of preparation time.

As with any new project, do not be discouraged if your first effort is not perfect. Quilting is an art that take a lot of time to perfect, particularly if you are trying to stitch your piece by hand. Crooked squares, uneven stitches and lumpy finished products are all part of the learning process. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect!

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