Quilting Books

Written by Rebecca Russell
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One of the most underused resources for the average American in this generation is the library. Once a main source of information, the popularity of the public library has slightly declined with the invention of the Internet. Common thought is that if you can get information online in just a few minutes, why take the trip to the library and fuss with card catalogs and book stacks?

When it comes to instructions for arts and crafts, however, the Internet is not always the best place to start. You may get fast results, but you may not get the fastest or the easiest instructions. A knowledgeable librarian can often point you in the direction of a wide variety of instructional books. For quilting, in particular, these instructional books are invaluable.

Choosing the Right Quilting Book

Quilting books carry a lot of information. They are available for purchase online and in bookstores, but if your library carries sufficient volumes, you are better off saving your money for some extra quilting fabric. The books include photos of quilt patterns, instructions for how to recreate them, and often sections on the history behind certain patterns and how they came to be.

If you absolutely must own a copy of a quilt book, try shopping in a local craft store. While the large booksellers will carry a good quantity of instructional books, it is highly unlikely that any of their employees will be able to recommend a volume based on experience. The sales clerk in the local craft store will have much greater knowledge of what quilting books are popular and will be able to steer you in a helpful direction

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