Quilting Catalog

Written by Abby Luttrell
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A good quilting catalog is an important source for the quilter. You'll want to know all the latest fabric designs and quilting patterns available. The best place to access a quilting catalog is on the Internet, where full information on quilting patterns and supplies can be found on recommended sites.

There are new trends in sewing and quilting that can only be discovered on the web. For example, stipple quilting, or meander quilting, is increasingly in vogue now. Stipple quilting is the art of sewing one long "squiggle" line that twists and turns but doesn't cross itself. Some of the most exciting new quilt designs feature stipple quilting.

Mystery quilts are also a fun trend. On your recommended quilting website you can find information about ongoing mystery quilting groups. You get the pattern, select your fabric, and each week you are given a new clue, and a new design instruction. At the end of the project, you'll solve the mystery (finding it in your quilt design) and make a lot of new friends in the process!

Variety of Supplies in Quilting Catalogs

Online quilting catalogs can also help you find sewing and quilting equipment. Especially items for heirloom sewing and traditional crocheting, tatting and lacemaking can be difficult to purchase. You will also be able to find appliques, paper piecing patterns, quilt labels and "Quilt in a Day" kits.

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