Quilting Pattern

Written by Abby Luttrell
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The true diversity and history of quilting is shown in the library of quilting patterns available. From Revolutionary War quilts, to abolitionist underground railroad quilts, to Victorian-era crazy quilts, the history of quilts is the history of women. Quilting patterns were handing down from mother to daughter, from grandmother to grandchild.

These quilting designs are as diverse as the historical eras that produced them. Traditional patterns such as Tumbling Blocks or Seven Sisters were common among the pioneers and settlers. Special designs actually gave information to abolitionists on the Underground Railroad!

Famous Quilting Patterns

Quilting raised money for the soldiers during the Civil War. Friendship quilting preserved memories of loved ones for women who went across the continent on covered wagons. Traditional patterns such as Six Pointed Stars and Tree of Life were passed down in Appalachian families.

Modern quilting patterns feature work from famous quilt designers. These patterns access the best of the traditional quilts, and introduce stylistic flairs with stippling, decorative stitches and custom-made fabrics. New quilting designs come from quilting fabric makers such as Thimbleberries, Maywood Studio, Woodrow Studio, and Debbie Mumm. Your best source for patterns old and new is on the Internet.

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