Quilting Sites

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you're interested in quilting, you should know that there is an encyclopedia of quilting information and quilting patterns out there, and it's all on the Internet. Quilting sites are made by enthusiasts which communicate the latest styles and designs in quiltmaking. There are a tremendous amount of websites which publish free quilting patterns.

For the beginning quilter, there are quilting sites which guide you through your first quilt, step by step. There are patterns for miniature quilts and easy blocks, to help with beginning quilting and make it more simple. There are websites which specialize in quilting supplies, fabrics and hard-to-find notions and materials.

Sewing Tips on Quilting Sites

Through recommended websites you can get the best tips for paper piecing and appliqued blocks. You can get instructions and patterns for different kinds of quilting, including wall hangings, pillow covers, baby throws, and other small projects. You can purchase quilting labels, backing, bindings or borders.

Probably the most fun is the community of quilters out there, waiting to communicate with you through chat rooms and message boards. There are ongoing exciting projects that quilters can participate in, such as mystery quilts and blocks of the month. Be sure to go to our recommended website and get the most fun out of your quilting!

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