Quilting Stencils

Written by Rebecca Russell
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For a great many people, the art of quilting is somewhat of a mystery. They can easily comprehend the idea of many pieces of fabric attached together to make up a lovely pattern. When it comes to the stitching, however, they cannot quite wrap their brains around the intricacy and design, which is the most integral part of a quilt.

Quilting is the process of stitching together two pieces of cloth with insulation in between to keep in the warmth. It can be done very simply with straight lines and running stitches. The quilting that baffles, however, is the abundance of detailed designs and patterns that experienced quilt makers weave into their pieces, from beautiful sunbursts to winding ivy.

Quilting with Stencils

While those who are truly advanced at quilting can create these intricate designs with no guide at all, the less experienced tend to use a quilting stencil. Stencils are shapes and figures that are placed on top of the piece before it is quilted. Stitches simply follow the line of the stencil, whether the quilting is being done by hand or machine.

A large variety of quilting stencils can be found, free of charge, online. They are easily enlarged and printed from a home computer. If you choose to print a stencil off of the Internet, it may be a good idea to use a slightly heavier stock of paper. Regular printer paper can easily tear and more than likely will not be suitable for more than one use.

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