Quilting Supplies

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Recommended websites are your best source for quilting supplies. A click of the mouse will source those hard-to-find items, and bring a wealth of quilting information and design possibilities to you, too. You can see fabrics, designs and quilting patterns in color, and browse through many possibilities for your next project until you make up your mind!

Quilting Supplies--Fabrics

Quilting fabrics available on the Internet include Thimbleberries fabrics as well as quilting kits. Interested in a casual flannel quilt? Check out fabrics from Maywood Studio. Are you trying to put together an heirloom quilt, and want early American fabric styles? Try Woodrow Studio. Debbie Mumm fabrics and quilting designs are also available on the Internet.

For the experienced quilter, quilting machines such as the Grace Quilter are featured on recommended websites. Full information about these machines, and easy shipping and handling, are explained in detail. If you're interested in quilting books, the Internet is the best source for all the titles.

Quilting patterns are published on the Internet, from traditional colonial patterns to modern day crazy quilts. Heirloom sewing equipment is available, as well as the traditional sewing notions for quilting supplies. Heirloom sewing materials, such as batiste cotton and handkerchief linen, can be ordered through the Internet, and you can also get specialty items such as French ribbons, smocking, laces, puff irons and antique buttons.

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