Quilting Supplies

Written by Rebecca Russell
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The materials required for even the most intricately crafted quilt are most likely in the very back of your closet. Discarded shirts and dresses combine with old ties and bed sheets to create some of the most glorious print designs. There are, however, a few supplies that are unique to quilting, and if you are about to embark upon your first quilting project, there are a few items that you should purchase ahead of time.

Tips for Acquiring Quilting Supplies

First, you will need two large pieces of fabric of the same size and square shape. The first will become the anchor for your pieces on the front of the quilt and the second will be the back of the quilt. Second, if you find that the depths of your discarded wardrobe yields a slightly anemic pile of fabric, you will also need some colored fabric that can be cut into squares or other shapes, depending upon your chosen pattern.

Once you have your fabric together, it is time to gather or purchase quilting needles, batting, a ruler, and perhaps most importantly, a rotary cutter. Rotary cutters, among those who quilt very often, are thought of as an invaluable tool. They look a bit like a pizza cutter and enable the user to cut a perfectly straight line using a ruler. If you have ever had trouble using scissors to cut fabric in a straight line, chances are you will benefit greatly from the rotary cutter.

Once you have amassed these supplies, the real fun can begin. Keep in mind that piece work can be done almost anywhere--I have seen people piece quilts together on long train rides, subway commutes, and waiting in airports--so pick up a needle and thread and start your project. As you work, you will most likely agree that spending free moments with a quilt, in any stage of creation, is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

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