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Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you're a quilter, you may be wanting a true community where you can communicate with other quilters, as well as find new quilting patterns and supplies. The Internet is your best source for a quilting supplies community, and recommended websites can transmit how-to information, provide quilting patterns for downloading, and sell hard-to-find quilting supplies. Best of all, websites can put you in touch with other quilters through message boards and chat rooms.

A quilting supplies community is essential for the beginner. You'll need a place where you can get easy instructions on quilting, plus simple beginning projects to learn on. Some beginner's projects are miniature quilts or baby quilts, and "Quilt in a Day" kits. These kits allow you to make a very simple quilt in just a day, and learn all the basics from clear instructions.

Quilting Patterns

A quilting website is a great source for quilting patterns. The beginner will start on the easy patterns, often taught by "blocks," in other words, the squares which make up the quilt pattern. More advanced quilters will want the complicated quilt patterns, and may wish to try the famous traditional designs now seen in museums.

Designers also have quilt kits which are sold with fabric. The kits have both the quilt pattern and the fabric so that you can make an original, innovative quilt from a major designer. Designers such as Debbie Mumm and Lynette Jensen from Thimbleberries have quilt kits for their quilt designs.

Quilting Fabrics

You can even purchase fabrics from online quilting stores. It's such an easy way to browse through patterns and colors, and then compare them to your intended design, right there on the Web! Woodrow Studio is known for traditional fabrics which are perfect for Americana and Victoriana quilts. Woodrow features florals, chintzes, fairies, and heart motifs.

Maywood Studio fabrics are of highest quality cotton and flannel. Their designs are homey and classic, from plaids to simple flower and leaf patterns. Original Christmas fabrics are available, made by Rachel's of Greenfield and Spectrix.

You can even purchase quilting supplies on the Web, from notions and quilting forms to actual quilting machines. Traditional long arm quilting machines are available, and also the more compact and economical Grace quilting machine. The Grace machine allows you to use your sewing machine for quilts from crib to queen size, and a gliding platform allows you to sew continuous line patterns or repeated patterns.

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