Simple Quilt Patterns

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Craft projects are exciting and typically thought of as healthy ways to reduce stress. Often, they can be the only time in the day when certain people can relax and calm their thoughts. It is important to keep in mind that the simpler the project, the more relaxation it will offer. Paint by numbers, for instance, requires only the ability to read numbers and paint within lines. A simple quilting project can also offer the same kind of therapeutic busy work.

Working with a Simple Quilt Pattern

There are a wide variety of simple quilting patterns available in many different places. If this is your first attempt at quilting, it may make sense to visit a local craft store and ask for some advice and recommendations. If you do not happen to live near a craft store, the Internet can also prove to be a valuable resource. Supplies can be ordered online, and there are many websites run by expert quilt makers offering tips and advice.

One of the simplest quilting patterns is a Roman stripe pattern. This design is made of a number of small squares. Each one has three even stripes of different colors which range from light to dark. Squares are then pieced together in whatever order and facing whatever direction the quilt maker desires.

The Roman stripe is wonderful for beginners because it consists of even fabric pieces. This allows the novice quilt maker to master the art of cutting fabric in the same size and shape, leaving the correct amount of extra material for piecing together. Additionally, there are no corners or ends that must match up to make a larger pattern, which means that if the pieces are not even, the end result will still be lovely to look at.

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