Star Quilts

Written by Rebecca Russell
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One of the most striking quilt designs is the star quilt. This design typically involves a solid base color and a large, multicolored star in the center of the quilt. One of the more well-known varieties is the lone star quilt, which uses a large, eight-point star as its central focal point.

Traditions of the Lone Star Quilt

These lone star quilts are commonly associated with Native American traditions, particularly in the Lakota tribes. Years ago, buffalo robes were used in religious and celebratory ceremonies. However, as the buffalo population dwindled and the Native Americans were forced onto reservations, they were driven out of necessity to find a suitable alternative. Lone star quilts are commonly exchanged during important life moments, most notably birth and death.

There are many different versions of a lone star quilt, and there are various methods used to design them. There is the traditional practice of piecing together large, diamond-shaped pieces to form the center star. Less detailed blocks, as quilting patterns are commonly known, are also available for beginners.

If you are interested in making a lone star quilt but are unsure how to begin, the Internet can be a wonderful tool. Many patterns for lone star quilts are available online. Additionally, there are many websites dedicated to quilting and many have forums that are used by expert and novice quilt makers alike. Chances are that you will get all of your questions quickly answered and receive some useful tips, as well.

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