Antique Children's Books

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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It may surprise you to know that children's books are among the favorites of many collectors throughout the world. This is likely due to the fantasies they remind us of, to the incredible imaginations of children's book writers, and to the fond memories most of us have of books we read when we were young. I still have a book called First to Ride that I bought through a school program in the fourth or fifth grade. If that reminds you of a book you loved and if you're thinking about collecting antique children's books, you probably have a book just like mine on your bookshelf.

A love of reading often instills a love of books in collectors. Many of us buy the books we buy not for their value but for the pleasure it gives us to own them. Children's book collectors are no different. They find and purchase books that mean something to them personally, and they enjoy the book all the more because t reminds them of what it means to be young and hopeful and full of dreams.

Antique Children's Books for Sale Online

You can find some really great deals on antique children's books online. Vendors and collectors alike are using the Internet to exchange books and information about books all the time. This gives you the delightful opportunity to search for any children's book that has special meaning for you, like my First to Ride book.

The vast number of antique children's books for sale on the Internet also gives you the chance to compare prices, depending on how rare the book actually is. A book's value is highly subjective. The vendor will fix a price to it that he believes is what he can get in the current marketplace, but it may not reflect what you think the book is worth. Because of this, you should note that even some online vendors are willing to negotiate prices. Don't be afraid to ask, and don't take the first "no" as a final answer. Make an offer, and see what happens. You may get those antique children's books at prices you can afford.

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