Antique Maps

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Antique maps are often as beautiful as fine art objects. Many were drawn by men who risked life and limb to explore the furthest reaches of the known--and unknown--world. Most dealers consider maps to be antiques if they were created before 1900, but there are maps available that are significantly older than 100 years, and you can find many of these on the Internet.

If you are interested in collecting antique maps, you will want to find a guidebook to use when you begin your search. There are a wide variety of antique maps to choose from, beginning with antique world maps and globes and continuing to antique maps from just about every country or section of the world. Knowing which type of maps you want will help you to focus your search appropriately. Books about antique maps may be found at online antique book sites.

Illustrated Antique Maps

One of the interesting features of collecting antique maps is that you will most likely become engrossed in a study of how the mapmaker worked. Was he on a ship bound for unknown shores? How did he make his ink, and where did he get his quills? How accurate was his map, and was it accepted when it was completed?

Illustrated maps contained not only drawings of land masses and oceans, but also finely detailed etchings and scrollwork as well as sketches of what the mapmaker saw on the lands he was outlining. These maps are often beautiful works of art that are deeply appreciated by historians, sailors, and lovers of beauty. Incredible antique maps can be found and purchased on the Internet, and you will be pleased at the prices you will find as well.

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