Famous Autographs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Most people who own one or more famous autographs obtain them because they have some interest in the celebrity or historical figure who wrote them. A passion for autographs can start at a very young age, possibly when a child is sad because he or she is going to miss classmates over the summer or when a transfer to another school is about to take place. A few words written in an autograph book can keep memories close at hand.

Later, that person may want to own a piece of the life or aura of a rock star or actor. Just to have been in the writer's presence for a few moments and to have come away with a written memento can be a real thrill. Who knows? The autograph might even have monetary value some day. Now turn to the adult who has tremendous respect for an historical figure. Imagine the excitement of owning an authenticated note or signature written by that president or queen or scientist!

Owning Famous Autographs

Once, people who wanted to buy autographs had to search long and hard through stores, using agents, and spending a lot of time and money, often on the search itself. Now, however, there are other options available to you if you're looking for the autograph of a famous person. The Internet hosts a number of sites that offer authenticated autographs.

You can even view the autograph you're considering for purchase. Clear, detailed photos are often displayed so that you can make the right selection. You will also find that rare book and antiquities dealers will be willing to search for a particular artifact for you, often using, again, the resources of the Internet. Once you find a vendor whose expertise you can trust, obtaining the autographs you really want will be easier than ever.

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