Historical Autographs

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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There are some people who are so important to the masses that their signature or autograph can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to collectors. While there are a steady stream of entrepreneurs who approach the rich and famous for autographs every day, historical autographs are generally considered to be those of persons who are no longer living. This can include everyone from Elvis Presley to Clark Gable to Vivien Leigh.

The reason most people buy autographs is because they want to create a collection, because they are impressed with something about the writers or want to possess one single moment of the writer's life. Others purchase autographs because they understand that these small pieces of entertainment history will often increase in value. They know that there are individuals out there who will pay dearly for a single piece of paper once touched by their idol.

Buying a Historical Autograph Online

Historical autographs are often written at the bottom of letters, notes, and memos, and may also be called historical signatures. They are definitely not confined specifically to the entertainment industry but include political figures, authors, scientists, the military, and more. When you are searching for such autographs on the Internet, you will usually be able to see a photo before you even consider buying.

Make sure there is sufficient authentication available before you buy any autographs. Reputable dealers will be willing to allow you to see pertinent documents. Depending on how much you're spending, you will want to have the authentication done by your own expert. Whether you walk into an antique store, or purchase any historical item on the Internet, you will want to know that it is real.

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