Pricing Antique Books

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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The good news about pricing antique books is that there are several great books filled with information about what you should pay for antique books and how you should price books you may want to sell.

Miller's Antique Price Guide is one of them. Another one is Huxford's Old Book Value Guide. Both of these works can be found on the Internet.

Pricing antique books, however, is not an exact science, and there are no set prices for any edition of any book. Prices are determined for the most part by the market and by what the seller wants for the book. Lately, at antique book fairs, buyers have purchased books from vendors and turned around and sold them to other vendors or to collectors for a substantial profit.

Deciding What to Pay for Antique Books

Once you have done some research by going online to visit booksellers and to purchase a guide to pricing antique books, you will be better prepared to start making decisions about what books you would like to own. That's when you can start looking for specific titles. It's also the time when you will learn how to spot a great deal.

What you are willing to pay for an antique book is entirely up to you. In many cases, sellers, especially individuals, will be willing to negotiate the price. If you can't get a specific book for the price you want to pay, based on a realistic assessment of it's worth, you can actually go online and request a book search through any of several online vendors. Remember that pricing antique books is highly subjective, and sellers are often motivated to negotiate with knowledgeable buyers.

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I have in my possession a

I have in my possession a copy. of the book: The Alphabet by Fredric W. Goudy, 1918 Published by Mithcell Kennerley. This book is in EXCELLENT CONDITION!!

How do I find out it's value. I would to have any information on the value of this book. Please contact me with any informaton you might have.

Thank You
Van B.W.