Rare Book Dealers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Rare book dealers are a very elite group. They cater to customers who are seeking very specific, often difficult to find, products. These products, obviously, cannot be manufactured at will. They may, in fact, be on display in the collection of a private rare book collector who may or may not be willing to part with their treasures.

When you visit a rare book dealer, you will be working with someone who most likely loves rare books as much as you do. Your dealer will be an authority in the field. He or she will also be a detective who enjoys the search as much as finding the rare book you want. Of course, your dealer is running a business, so there will be a profit to be made from your partnership, but, since both of you share a common passion, both of you will most likely be very happy with the transaction.

Rare Book Dealers Online

You should know that a rare book dealer online should have the same qualities as the bookstores you would visit if you had the time and money to do so. For example, if you're looking for a particular book, know that it may not be on the market when you want it. A dealer with years of experience and the appropriate expertise may know, however, where there is a copy of the book that may come on the market with a viable offer.

You should take the initiative to look around for what would be a fair market value for the book or books you want to buy. If you find a dealer who is asking a significantly higher price, you should ask for a documented explanation of why the price is so high, and you can also contact other dealers to ask about the price. Again, if you want a book that exactly meets its online description, you will want to work with a dealer who has years of experience to insure that you get what you paid for.

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