Rare Book Finder

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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When it comes to locating the book you want for your collection, a rare book finder can be a real help. Some online dealers will tell you to simply enter the title of the book you want, and they will access a database containing millions of entries. Unfortunately, unless you're looking for a book of which there is only one existing copy, that huge a search will result in hundreds of responses, often having very little to do with the exact book you want.

Ah, the power of the Internet! Well, it really does work very well, in most circumstance, but, if time or lack of knowledge are issues for you, you might want to take another Internet route. Instead of doing a search through a massive database, you might choose to work through a rare book dealer that offers finder services. There is, of course, usually a fee for such services, but you might be surprised at how low that fee might be.

Rare Book Finders Equal Success

While your book finder may search the same databases, they will definitely know the best search criteria to enter. They will also have access to resources such as limited databases designed for rare book dealers only. Remember that they will do the best they can to find your book because they will be anticipating a sale and/or a search commission.

Many rare book dealers are detectives at heart. They love the search almost as much as they love finding and selling the exact book a buyer wants. When you're seeking a book finder, you should look for the same credentials you would expect from a rare book dealer--years in the business, great customer service focus, and reasonable prices. Compare the length of service the finder offers as well; some book finders will conduct a search until you tell them to stop, while others will set a specific time limit for a specific fee.

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