Rare Book Prices

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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The value of a rare book is based on several different qualities. First, of course, is exactly how rare the book is. Imagine an old play that referred to a book written by a well-known author, but no one has ever found a copy of the book. A copy of that book would be very valuable. Another factor is the book's condition. If there are a hundred known copies of an item, the copies in the best condition will be more expensive than damaged copies.

The age of the book is a factor as well. The older the book, the less likelihood there is that more copies will surface. Generally, older works will hold their value or increase in value with time. Finally, there is the issue of availability. If there are a dozen known copies of a book but all of them are in collections, the finder of another copy will look for a high price.

Internet Rare Book Prices

Many rare book dealers now have websites on which they display selected pieces of their inventory. Some include a description of their area(s) of specialization and the services they offer. Assessing the value of a book you're thinking of selling or finding a book you want to buy are two of the services they might provide. One of the advantages of looking for rare books on the Internet is that you can visit several websites where you will be able to compare prices for copies of the same book.

When you're buying rare books on the Internet, you should look for a dealer with significant experience and considerable expertise in the field. Reputable dealers will gladly provide you with information regarding their qualifications. They will also discuss rare book prices with you and will explain what they look for when establishing their own rates. The best way to get rare books at fair and reasonable prices is to work with an established, reputable dealer.

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