Rare Children's Books

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Searching for rare children's books is a labor of love. Most people who are looking for a specific children's book are doing so because they read the book as a child and would dearly love to possess a first edition. These books often evoke cherished childhood memories and may also be a part of what you might like to leave as a legacy for your own children or grandchildren.

Because children's books are so special to us even as adults, obtaining the one you want is like having a treasure that means much more than just owning an object of value. There are dealers who specialize in finding rare books written for children, and they often love those books as much as the people searching for them. If you are among the thousands of buyers who want to find just the right copy of that rare book, you will be pleased to know that rare children's books are commonly bought and sold on the Internet.

Finding Rare Children's Books

Obviously you know about the power of the Internet. That's why you're here looking for children's books to purchase. There are a few things you should know when you're conducting your search, insights that may save you money and time and may help you to get just the books you want.

First, be sure the vendor you're dealing with has enough experience to be able to accurately assess the condition and value of the books you want. Becoming an expert in the field takes more than just being able to read the data on the inside cover of the book. Second, many of the vendors you will find online also run actual rare book shops. You can check out how long they've been around. Third, once you are quoted a price, check with other dealers so see if it's reasonable.

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