Rare Documents

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Rare and potentially valuable documents are discovered all the time in a variety of places. Not all rare documents are valuable, however. Some may have value to a limited market, while others may be of almost universal interest. So, how do you find the types of documents that might interest you? For example, if you're in business, you may want to find ancient contracts, or, if you love sports, you may want to find the roster of the 1927 Red Sox.

Online rare book dealers often offer rare manuscripts, maps, and documents. They also know where to search for them if you have a specific area of interest. You may also have some luck searching online for yourself, but it's important to know what search criteria to use or you will find yourself with hundreds of hits. Once you find the right document, you will want some help to ensure its authenticity.

Authentic Rare Documents

Rare book dealers online can offer you the expertise you need to determine if the document you are considering for purchase is authentic and worth the asking price. Knowing that the rare document you just purchased is the real thing will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your investment was worth it. Dealers can also help you know when the time is right to put your document back on the market.

Individuals, libraries, other institutions of learning are always looking for rare and unusual documents. Anything from a document purported to have been written during the earliest nuclear testing to a document freeing slaves in the Antebellum South can have value. The older and rarer the document, the greater the value it may have to a number of buyers. Understanding the value of a document you may have found or purchased is a key to determining whether you want to keep it in your collection or sell it. A rare book dealer can help you make that decision and may help you find a buyer if you choose to sell.

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