Rare Medical Books

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Rare medical books are becoming a market in themselves. Ancient books, discussing treatment methods from the distant past, are in increasing demand for their writing and the beauty of their illustrations, as well as for what they tell us about the evolution of the medical profession. In some cases, they can even teach old and unusual ways of dealing with specific ailments, tried and true methods that may have been lost over the centuries.

You can find unusual medical books on the Internet by conducting a search of your own browsing through collections and categories at will. You can also contact a rare book dealer and request a search. If you're looking for a medical book about a specific topic, or if you want to find a copy of a particular edition of a book, a rare book finder may be able to help you.

What Are Rare Medical Books?

Unique old medical books cover a variety of topics having to do with the field. For example, anatomy books, books covering such topics as how to treat contagious diseases, and even rules and regulations governing apothecaries qualify as medical books. There are even medical books that are real antiquities, dating from well before the advent of printing presses.

Just like other rare and valuable books, medical books qualify as rare if they are out of print and there are a limited number of copies known to be in existence. First editions can be particularly valuable, especially if changes or corrections were made to later editions. Some physicians particularly like to collect rare or unusual medical books, but laypersons can get just as much enjoyment from them as well.

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