Rare Theology Books

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Rare theology books include Bibles, songbooks (hymnals and psalters), prayer books, books about the development or tenets of specific religions, and even books comparing religions. These rare religious books can be incredibly expensive; one handwritten New Testament from the fourteenth century is on the market for $2 million! If you're not dabbling in that price range, however, you can find very nice Bibles and other theology books starting under $100.

Several factors go into establishing the value of rare theological works. Such attributes as age, condition, rarity, provenance, and edition all enter into the mix, as does the market factor. How many buyers are currently looking for a specific book? Most antique rare books are out of print. Certainly, a Bible written by hand 700 years ago will not be recreated. What you purchase in rare theological books is largely based on your personal areas of interest. You may or may not want Bibles. You may, in fact, be looking only for works about a very specific topic such as marital duties.

Rare Theology Books on the Internet

Finding the exact types of books you want is much easier now that many rare book dealers have established a presence online. With hundreds of sites to choose from, you can browse for hours, compare prices, and gain information about how and what to buy with confidence. The process is fairly simple and far less time consuming than it used to be before the advent of the Internet store.

There are some things you should look for in a rare book dealer, and knowing how to determine the quality of the dealer can really help you to decide what to buy. First, you should look for a dealer with significant experience. It takes years to become an expert in any field relating to antiquities, so longevity is one key. Another is the quality of the website and how responsive the dealer is to your questions and concerns. You should also look at the dealer's inventory photos and prices and then compare the cost of similar books at other sites. The more you know about a specific dealer, the better you will be able to trust your decision.

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