Accounting Resumes

Written by Adam Blau
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For those applicants writing accounting resumes for a new job, it is useful to demonstrate ability in several areas of expertise. Accounting is a diverse field, incorporating mathematics, computers, interpersonal skills and leadership training, to name a few. Very few other fields have as many areas in which an applicant needs to excel.

What Types Of Items Should Appear On Accounting Resumes?

Accounting resumes should be laid out in such a way as to display each of the aforementioned skill areas. If you are proficient using particular accounting software or database programs, for example, be sure to list this clearly. If you specialize in audits or tax issues, this can be explicitly spelled out near the top of the resume.

The key to writing accounting resumes is the same as it is for any other resume: let a hiring manager get a clear sense of your total person very quickly. If you have garnered success with a particular client or campaign, or if you have performed a particularly unique accounting feat, you might consider creating a separate "Accomplishments" section on your resume. Remember, clarity is the key.

As someone who is interested in accounting, you are likely familiar with organizational tools. The simplest tip for writing accounting resumes is to turn this organizational eye upon yourself. Lay yourself out on paper as you would a company's finances. Then assess, refine, and print.

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