Advertising Resumes

Written by Adam Blau
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The most important pieces of advertising that people in the ad business can create are their own advertising resumes. What is a resume, after all, but a finely crafted advertisement for a potential employee? Here, more than anywhere, is a place for an applicant to prove his or her advertising chops.

Self-Promotion through Advertising Resumes

The advertising industry has many different facets. Whether you're looking for a job on the account side or the creative side, you likely work very closely with images or words that have the power to persuade and sell. When compiling advertising resumes, you should shift your focus and make yourself the client; your resume is your most personal ad campaign.

Have you worked with any special clients? Have you been a part of a memorable campaign? Advertising campaigns tend to stick in people's heads (as they're designed to do!), so if you include specifics on your resume, you just may spark that memory in a hiring manager's brain. Don't be shy about including names and dollar amounts on your advertising resumes; ultimately, that's how to get through to an advertising company's mindset.

Design on advertising resumes is just as important as it is in the advertisements themselves. When you create an advertisement, you want the message to be clear and memorable. Again, approach your resume with the same design eye that you would an advertisement. If you are on the creative end, then use your skills. If you are on the account side of the business, you might consider taking a trip over to the creative side or asking your artistically-inclined friends for some advice.

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