Digital Resumes

Written by Serena Berger
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Some sites which refer to digital resumes simply mean online resumes. There are a number of online sites which list thousands of jobs which you can browse, and they also give you the opportunity to post your resume for employers to view. Employers can search for keywords and contact you if you have the experience or degree(s) that they seek. You can also forward your resume to them if you think you are qualified for a position that you want.

The Problem with Some Online Applications

One problem that people often encounter with employers who have an online application is that they are asked to paste their resumes into a window on the application site. Chances are your resume has been formatted in a word processing program. When you paste it into a window on a virtual application, it may still look like your resume (minus any characters unique to the work processing program); but once you press "submit" and send it to the company, their program will lose your formatting.

The employer is likely to receive a chaotic jumble of phrases with odd indentations and breaks. It will not be easy to read, and may discourage someone from looking closely at it. If you use an online application for a job that you really think you want, go the extra mile. Contact the employer and ask for an email address or fax number where you can send a cover letter and resume which will be received in the format that you intended. If this is not possible, re-work your resume in plain-text. A first impression is so important that you don't want to miss out on a job due to an unimpressive presentation that you don't even realize happened once the information had left your (virtual) hands.

Some companies use the term digital resumes to include any digital/visual medium. Photos, video bios, or video conferencing could all be part of a company's idea of digital job applications. These are great because they avoid the aforementioned problems--your video resume will be viewed exactly as you record it. It also gives you a great opportunity to express yourself and present your "people skills." There are some sites devoted entirely to video resumes and a virtual job market, so try one out if you're looking for a new and better way to present yourself to potential employers.

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