Federal Resumes

Written by Adam Blau
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If you are applying for a job with the federal government, you will be asked to submit federal resumes. These differ from traditional resumes in several key ways. If you have an existing resume that you have used to apply for non-federal jobs, you can likely edit this to create your federal resume.

How Do Federal Resumes Differ From Standard Resumes?

First and foremost, the overall one-to-two page structure of a standard resume is not used for federal resumes. Instead, there is a fairly rigid structure in which a number of mandatory questions need to be answered. You must describe the job you're seeking, your personal information, veterans' preference, and a section of KSAs (see below), among other things.

The veterans' preference on federal resumes indicates whether or not you have served under certain conditions in the US military. If you meet the requirements, there is a chance you may have an advantage in attaining the job you seek. There are a number of resources on the Web that can explain these preferences in greater detail.

KSA stands for Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. These are assessed and grouped along with your federal resume in order for an official to decide upon the most qualified job applicant. Again, more details about these and other items on federal resumes are available from the US government and on the web.

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