Financial Resumes

Written by Adam Blau
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For those looking to get a job in the securities, commodities, insurance, banking or other related fields, the preparation of special financial resumes is a must. Because of the nature of finance-related jobs, a number of industry-specific terms and software are used. Your ability to demonstrate proficiency with these unique elements could be the difference between staying where you are and getting the job of your dreams.

What Types Of Items Should Appear On Financial Resumes?

It is all right to get specific when it comes to dollar amounts on financial resumes. Have you brokered a large or interesting deal for your firm? You should spell out the details on your resume. Have you traveled to other countries, or are you fluent in other languages? These are likely of interest to financial firms, especially those that have international dealings.

If you are well-versed or even moderately proficient with certain financial software, these should appear on financial resumes. In addition to demonstrating that you are computer-savvy (a must in today's financial world), this proves that you have an aptitude for learning quickly. If you have any experience that shows how you thrive in a fast-paced environment like the financial world, these should also appear.

Those applying for executive financial positions should follow these rules, plus others demonstrating their leadership skills. Executive resumes are traditionally longer and more detailed than other resumes, and they tend to focus more on major accomplishments and awards. If you have led your group or company to some success, this is an item that is perfect for an executive financial resume.

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