How To Market Yourself

Written by Serena Berger
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Employers rarely really want you unless you really want them. With the exception of jobs that no one particularly wants, an employment opportunity will always go to the person who displays qualifications, initiative, knowledge, and desire. When you think about how to market yourself, always think in terms of a specific job, not a glossy piece of propaganda.

Typically, you're presenting two different types of information and different perspectives on yourself with a resume and cover letter. If you're using a visual medium, you also want a contrast between your resume and your bio or personal statement. The resume should show that you can be brief and to-the-point while listing your credentials and accomplishments. Your letter or personal statement should show that you are skilled at communication, as well as showing your passion for the particular job in question.

Include Your Network when You Market Yourself

You should always start out with an indication of how you heard about a job. This should be brief, but many people in hiring positions say that it can induce them to keep reading or cause them to put down a letter. If you heard about the job through someone in your network with a connection to the job, say so--but do not claim more of a connection with the person than you actually have.

Meeting someone in person or actually interacting is always the best way to market yourself. Even the greatest resume and cover letter are not as powerful as the impression you can make by speaking with someone. If you can't go to an office in person and talk to the person who has hiring power, a video application is an alternative you should consider. Your success in most jobs is intertwined with your ability to present yourself well and speak easily and knowledgably, so a video resume which indicates your ability in this realm will make you a much more attractive candidate.

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