Insurance Resumes

Written by Adam Blau
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Writing insurance resumes requires that you show your specialized skills and knowledge of the many facets of the insurance world. There are a number of specialized terms and business procedures unique to the insurance world which a prospective employer will likely want you to demonstrate. Your mastery over the intricacies of claims, liabilities, and sales are valuable tools that you should emphasize when putting together your resume.

Insurance Resumes and Personal Claims

When writing insurance resumes, it's time to start making all the right claims about yourself. If you're looking for a job in the insurance industry, chances are you've trained and studied the business, likely acquiring a separate degree in the field. There is also a strong chance that you've attained some real-world experience in the insurance field, perhaps with previous jobs or even internships.

Your resume is initially the most important place you will demonstrate your knowledge of the specialized industry. Have you worked on an interesting case? Have you handled a particularly large caseload? Have you worked on the broker side or done anything special for your particular firm?

Insurance resumes that contain these kinds of details stand out from the pack. The better the achievements listed, the better chance you have of getting your new post. Just remember not to exaggerate too much; you don't want to be an insurance fraud!

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