Interactive Interviews

Written by Serena Berger
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For some companies, the cost of interviewing candidates can accumulate rapidly. In addition to flying candidates out to meet with current employees, the costs of meals and accommodations can add up to the point where your primary concern is interviewing fewer people, not finding the best people. The need to minimize costs will cause a company to settle for someone who is adequate instead of searching more broadly to find someone exceptional.

Additionally, a hidden cost of interviewing is the time that it takes each employee to meet with the candidate. When you have multiple employees sitting in on multiple rounds of interviews with many candidates brought in from all over the country, you're losing hundreds of labor hours. Employers feel that this time could be better spent generating revenue for the company.

Cutting Costs with Interactive Interviews
If costs are the main reason that you are limiting your job search, you should consider using interactive interviews. These interviews are conducted through online services that enable prospective employers and candidates to meet face to face via video conferencing. Instead of scheduling a handful of meetings at your office, you and your colleagues only need to attend one meeting. This also allows for an easier decision making process, as you and your co-workers all sat in on the same interview.

Another advantage of using interactive interviews is that they allow you to find candidates quickly to fill vacated or new positions. Rather than waiting for a newspaper listing to be read and replied to by interested parties, a service that provides interactive interviews can also notify job seekers of new positions as soon as the position is made available. You can begin sifting through resumes of job seekers that use the same service the very same day that the opening is posted.

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