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Written by Serena Berger
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If you have had IT training, you are well positioned to find employment with a company in almost any industry. Financial companies, among many others, maintain an IT staff not only for troubleshooting problems that may arise with their networks, but also for the development of specialized programs. Many companies also are looking for specialists with training in database management and demonstrated knowledge of Microsoft SQL.

When you are contacted for an interview, do not be surprised if the part of the interview consists of a written and/or verbal exam that is intended to test your programming skills. This makes perfect sense since it would be very difficult to assess your expertise in this area in the course of casual conversation. If you needed a reason not to inflate the "skills" section of your resume, this is it. If you are an impressive candidate who lacks knowledge of a particular language, an employer may be willing to hire you under the assumption that you can learn it. If you claim to know it and your exam reveals otherwise, however, you have no chance at being hired.

A few years ago, the thought of an IT career outside of Silicon Valley might have seemed unusual. In searching for an IT job today, however, you should consider any area of the country to which you would not mind relocating. Job search websites remain a very efficient way to scour a large number of jobs with relative ease, and IT jobs are among the most commonly listed online.

Searching for IT Jobs Using Keywords

If you begin your search online, you can quickly locate jobs for which you are the ideal candidate by entering keywords that are relevant to your skills. If you are particularly proficient in Java, C++ and XML and SQL, you can search for positions for candidates with this knowledge. You can also search based on certifications that might distinguish you from your competitors.

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