It Resume Writing

Written by Adam Blau
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A unique subset of skills is required for IT resume writing. In addition to laying out accomplishments and work experience, the applicant must demonstrate that he or she can successfully integrate information technology into areas needed by a company. It is one thing to be able to write code; it is quite another thing to write code that suits a company's ever-changing needs.

Why Is IT Resume Writing Different?

The most obvious difference between typical resume writing and IT resume writing is the stress placed on technology and its use in the workplace. Presumably, if you are applying for an IT position, you are well-versed in various programming languages or have experience with computers. But these skills alone are not enough for the typical IT position.

A company will usually create IT positions in order to achieve some technological goal that necessitates a specialist. But it is often important that the person in that position understands how that goal fits into the larger vision of the company. By demonstrating on a resume that you understand or (even better) have experience integrating technology into other areas of interest, you are more likely to win yourself the position.

IT resume writing demands that you demonstrate a varied number of skills. You need not portray yourself as a jack of all trades or as a master of every area of a company's interests. Instead, showing your appreciation for the incorporation of technology into everyday matters may demonstrate your well-roundedness and ultimately win you a job.

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