Law School Personal Statements

Written by Adam Blau
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It is an object of humor to some that prospective law students, a traditionally verbose breed, frequently have a difficult time writing their law school personal statements. Many applicants would sooner plow through a 1,000-page brief than write a page or two about their goals or aspirations. Kidding aside, law school personal statements are frequently daunting to students. How, then, to mollify the prospective law student in creating the perfectly persuading essay and get them into the best law school?

Putting The Most Into Law School Personal Statements

Law school personal statements are, in actuality, a chance for the applicant to shine. The discipline of law is a varied one, and there is a strong chance that each student can bring a unique experience and anecdote to an essay. The most common sorts of these are derived from internships at law firms or research for established attorneys or judges. If you have volunteered on a political campaign, this is a perfect place to speak about your experience.

Some law school personal statements discuss specific law issues. If there is a matter of great importance to you or your family, and if you speak eloquently about it, here is a chance to speak your mind in an effective way that can win you a spot in a law school. Law schools like their students to be influential, determined and self-motivated. If you can demonstrate that you have a fire at your feet, a school will be more inclined to take you under their wing.

The most important aspect of writing a personal statement for law school is to speak honestly about yourself. Earnestness and enthusiasm are honorable traits for an attorney to possess, and if a law school sees them present in you, they may be more inclined to believe that you are prepared to accept the challenges presented by the complexities of the law. From there, you can go out and change the world.

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