Law School Statements

Written by Adam Blau
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Given the countless number of characteristics a law school looks for in a potential student, applicants' law school statements must prove to be masterpieces in content and structure. The old saying says that a good lawyer is composed of one third smarts, one third structure, and one third simplicity. Powerful law school statements convey all three (and then some!) in one concise essay.

Powerful, Effective Law School Statements

An attorney's life is his or her language. In the courtroom or in a brief, words are the tools a lawyer uses to explain, move, persuade and convince. It is vital that a future lawyer's law school statements convey these skills so that the school sees in the applicant someone who can sharpen and hone them at their institution.

In this way, a prospective student's law school statement is, effectively, his or her first case. Imagine the readers are a jury you are trying to convince; you wouldn't speak in bland, unsophisticated language, would you? Instead, you must use the power of rhetoric, just as you will as an attorney in the future.

The best law school statements are also good examples of marketing. Remember that you are not simply trying to show off; you are trying to convince your readers of something (namely, to let you into their school). The same tools of persuasion that are used in the courtroom or on television commercials can be used to your advantage in applying to a law school.

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