Marketing Job Searches

Written by Serena Berger
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Contrary to popular belief, there is more to the field of marketing than simply advertising. While the creative aspect may be the most obvious to consumers, other important areas include sales force management, pricing, marketing research, and customer relationship management (CRM)--which is currently one of the hottest areas in marketing. If you have had training in psychology, statistics, or economics, you might search for marketing jobs in addition to jobs in your native fields, as there is a high degree of overlap between these areas.

Types of Marketing Jobs

Many large companies, particularly those in consumer packaged goods such as grocery products, have their own marketing divisions. These firms are constantly analyzing the marketplace to determine pricing and promotional policies. Marketing jobs can also be related to new product development, as companies do not want to invest a lot of money in R&D if consumers are unlikely to buy a new product.

There are also consulting companies that either specialize in a particular area of marketing or try to serve clients in all areas. If you were to apply to these companies, a common focus might be analyzing the effectiveness of advertising over time and giving a presentation of your findings to the client. If you enjoy working on a variety of problems and can handle deadlines well, you may thrive in a consulting career.

CRM is rapidly gaining in popularity, in part because the information that is available about individual customers has increased significantly over time. Common CRM tasks include determining which customers should receive targeted mailings or be targeted for cross-selling opportunities. Strength in statistics will benefit you in working on these problems as they are often solved using statistical models.

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