Medical School Statements

Written by Adam Blau
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With a fraction of medical school applicants gaining acceptance to the institution of their choice, the importance of medical school statements becomes all too apparent. In modern times, over 30,000 applicants apply to medical schools each year, only to have a vast amount of their applications rejected. It is imperative, then, for an applicant's medical school statements to rise above the others.

Medical schools will frequently ask their applicants questions about their motives for becoming a doctor. Chances are, if you are already undertaking the grueling and costly task of applying to medical school, you have a fairly good reason. It's important, though, that you convey this reason clearly and persuasively in your statement.

Medical School Statements And Non-Science Backgrounds

If you were not a science major as an undergraduate, you may feel that you are at a disadvantage. Many of your competitors have eaten, slept and breathed medical science for their entire undergraduate careers. Fear not, applicant! You are actually at an advantage.

By highlighting your worldly experience in your medical school statements, you bring to the table something unique that an admissions officer may not see every day. Believe it or not, an admissions officer may be more inclined to remember a literature major simply because so many biology and pre-med majors have crossed his path already. If you can somehow tie your major into your desire to apply to medical school, you can combine your fields of discipline and potentially impress the admissions board.

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