Multimedia Resumes

Written by Serena Berger
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Your resume should be a way to indicate what you can do. Some of the most important skills in almost any job are verbal communication skills and self presentation. Wouldn't it be great if your resume could display these skills to any potential employer?

A standard video resume is an opportunity to give an employer an idea of how you speak and how well you come off in a professional setting. You essentially talk through the major points of your resume, all the while giving the viewer a chance to put a face to the information. This makes you more memorable in general, and also proves to an employer that you carry yourself well when speaking in a professional context.

Multimedia Resumes for Programming Jobs

A multimedia resume can go even further than being a simple video bio or personal statement. If you are a programmer, or if your desired job requires multimedia skills, make your resume an example of your work. You can include a video segment, as well as using a creative layout with graphics, animation, or interactive links that show what you can do.

Obviously you should tailor your resume to the employment you are seeking. A multimedia resume for a software and game design job will be different from an appropriate multimedia resume if you want to program information systems for a utility company. The idea is the same regardless of the specific job, however--take the opportunity to make your first impression and show instead of tell whenever you can.

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