Online Job Searches

Written by Serena Berger
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The ability to search for jobs online may seem like the greatest innovation since the wheel when you need or want to find a job. It does not, however, replace doing your homework and tenaciously following through on applications. While online job searches can increase the number of jobs of which you become aware, you cannot stop once you have clicked the button to submit your resume.

Online job searches can turn up a large list of results from all over the country. If it does this for you, however, it is also doing it for everybody else looking for a similar position. Online postings not only help you, but also benefit the company tremendously by making all job seekers aware of their open positions, thus allowing them to select from the best of a very large group.

What to Do after the Online Job Search

This is not to say that you should not use online job searches, but rather that you should use these searches intelligently as a starting point for your search. If you have found and applied for a position of interest, you should follow up your application with a phone call or email. If companies sound interesting to you but do not allow online applications or do not have a website, you should not hesitate to email or call them to inquire about open positions.

Online services are available that allow you to post your resume and companies to search through online resumes. Employing these services in your searching can also increase the number of your potential interviews. These services, though, should not be the only means by which you are searching for a job, but simply one avenue among many that you are using in conjunction with one another.

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