Online Resumes

Written by Serena Berger
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If you applied for business internships during college, you might have memories of purchasing high quality paper and running off a hundred copies of your resume. Companies will usually visit colleges and universities twice during the academic year: once to interview candidates for full-time positions and a second time to interview applicants for internships. Each time that companies are visiting, students spend time cramming their resumes into a small mail slot designated for a company in the hopes of being picked for one of the interview times.

The Benefits of Online Resumes

Had the Internet become a more popular form of applying for jobs sooner, we might have saved countless trees and wasted less toner. Now, it is common for companies to accept resumes and cover letters online and treat these applications just as they treat the paper copies that they receive. This allows you to apply to several companies quickly and easily as well as letting the companies easily organize the resumes they receive.

Aside from eliminating the delay between the time that you put your resume in the mail and the time that it is received, you also do not have to worry that it is not getting to the right person. When you submit a resume online, you can direct it to the relevant person and you will often receive an email confirmation immediately. The only caveat with online resumes is that you should avoid using atypical fonts, as the company to which you are applying may not have them installed on their system, and it may alter the appearance of your resume. If the option is available, you may want to submit your resume as a PDF file rather than a Word document, as PDF files do not have this problem.

Another benefit of online resumes is that they allow you to post on job search websites. These websites enable you to upload a single resume and send it to multiple companies after completing a profile. While you will not find all available jobs at these sites, they do increase your opportunities tremendously.

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