Resume Distribution

Written by Serena Berger
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If you can successfully distribute your resume to a large number of companies or individuals, it is likely that this will convert to a higher number of interviews. After all, a company cannot call you for an interview if they are unaware that you are interested in finding a new position. This does not, however, mean that you need to run to the nearest office supply store and buy reams of paper for printing out copies of your resume and spend hours stuffing envelopes.

Distributing Paper and Online Resumes

While the traditional paper resume--printed by a laser printer or copier onto high quality paper and mailed in matching envelopes--remains a common approach for applying for many jobs, it is not the only option available. If you have prepared a physical copy of your resume, it was most likely done using word processing software. This electronic document can itself be used to apply for positions through job search websites and many company websites. If you are responding to a listing you saw online for a job across the country, you certainly do not want to mail a resume and wait for it to be received when you could just as easily apply online.

You should consider posting your resume on job search sites, as that will increase the number of companies that have an opportunity to become aware of you. While your physical search may be limited to a particular region, an online search will allow you to see national listings and apply for those positions. Though there may not be any openings in your area, you might be the perfect applicant for a job in another state if you do not have geographic constraints.

You should also take full advantage of any networking opportunities that you have. Your parents' anniversary party might put you in touch with several potential employers, as might your daily wait in line for coffee or lunch at a food truck. Since you never know when the opportunity to network might present itself, you should have a supply of printed resumes available for distribution, even at the most unlikely events.

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