Resume Editing

Written by Adam Blau
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Once you've written your resume, it's important to take the next logical step of resume editing. When writing an essay, it's always important to revise and reword to make sure your message comes across clearly. A resume is no different; it is not uncommon to go through many drafts of a resume before ending up with a one that is strong enough to land an interview.

It is often helpful to have someone else do your resume editing for you. Have a friend or co-worker take a look at your resume to see how accurately you portray yourself. Someone who works in the same field as you often has keen insight into the types of things that a powerful resume should contain.

A more powerful step might be to enlist the help of a resume editing service. You can find several of these services through local colleges and universities, through career counseling services, or on the web. Some of these resume editing services provide access to professional editors who can give you shrewd insight into the best resume formats for you.

Resume Editing And Maintenance

Take a close look at your resume. Is every item on it up-to-date? Are there any entries on it that are worth expanding? Condensing? Eliminating? It is important to keep your resume current. Be sure to edit your resume every time you have a new item on it or every time you apply for a new position.

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